Meeting Ivan Coyote

Alright, so this isn’t the post I said I would do next, but something incredibly important to me happened today and I feel like I need to write about it.

For those of you (assuming there are people who read this blog) that don’t know who Ivan Coyote is, they are a transmasculine author and storyteller who just published their 11th book in September this year. They are an amazing author and an incredible inspiration to me and my journey with gender, and today I got to meet them.

Ivan came as a guest to my Transgender Studies course at university today to do a reading from their latest book Tomboy Survival Guide. This was such an amazing experience for me, and I’ll tell you why. In my first year of university (so, last year) we watched a few videos of Ivan doing readings from a different book, and I fell in love. Their work was so incredible and I absolutely loved the way they performed their readings. But more importantly to me, I think, is that this was the first time ever that I had seen someone who represented everything I’d been feeling about myself in terms of gender. Here was this person who was so un-apologetically themselves, and writing about their experiences and sharing them with other trans kids. Ivan was the first person I’d ever been shown who was transmasculine and non-binary, and this was at a time where I was feeling the exact same way, just without the words to express it. Being introduced to Ivan’s work was basically life-changing to me, and I thank them so much for it. I strongly believe that I wouldn’t be where I’m at in my journey now had I not been introduced to Ivan and their work when I was.

Not only was I given the opportunity to be present at one of Ivan’s readings, but I was blessed with the opportunity to buy a copy of their new book and have them sign it. I now own my first copy of one of their works, and it’s signed by them to me. I also have a second chance to see one of Ivan’s readings tomorrow night at my university, and you bet your ass I’m gonna be there. Today was such an amazing experience. I could hardly stop smiling the whole way through, and by the end of it, had I not been in a room full of other people, I probably would have cried from happiness.

Ivan Coyote, as I’ve said, has been one of the biggest inspirations and influences on my journey through gender, and for this I am so thankful. I feel truly honored to have been given this opportunity. I only wish I could have told them this to their face, but alas, I still feel so blessed for what happened today.

I strongly recommend looking up Ivan’s work to anyone who’s interested (which you should be). I hope their work can help some of you the same way it did for me.

Thank you all for reading this and sharing in my excitement about what happened today. Enjoy your lives, folks.



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